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Product Center
Stability / Safety / Easy-to-Use / Secure Operation for 24 Hours A Day
Company Profile
Professional Sales & Service from Sunwe Help You to Be The Top One
  • 2004

    Founded in 2004, SUNWE is one of the enterprises which enter the environment monitoring industry the earliest.

  • NO.1

    Quantity of SUNWE'S honorary qualifications is the most in the environment industry because of our excellent quality products.

  • 1000


    SUNWE has more than 1000 partners. We look forward to cooperating with you.

  • 5000


    With more than 5000 projects have been completed, SUNWE has accumulated rich project experience and is worth your trust.

  • Company Introduction
    As An Enterprise in Environment Monitoring Industry for 14 Years, SUNWE is A Reliable Intelligent Duty-keeping Solution Provider

    SUNWE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (stock code: 838070) is located in a beautiful coastal city, Xiamen, China. It is founded in 2004. In the process of enterprise development, Sunwe combines its own advantages with its development opportunities. Our company has gone through three important development stages.

    The First Stage--Sprouting of Environmental Monitoring Products ( From 2004 to 2008)

    At the beginning of the establishment, with projects as the forerunner, Sunwe had successfully implementedmany large-scale centralized monitoring projects, which included port equipment, radio and television equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, etc..This helped customers solve many production and managementproblems...........




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